The Curious Case of Leonardo’s Bicycle

Nearly forty years of research, a decade of scripting and drawing, and after all that no publishers prepared to handle it, despite fourteen of them raving about the manuscript! So I self-published as a limited edition monograph, signed, numbered and seal stamped.

259 pages, B&W/Colour Cover, 196 x 273mm, this unique graphic investigation will never be available through Amazon.

Now available through our BookShop or at where you will also find more information, a trailer and flick-through film.

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Back to Brexit…

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New Normal = Old Normal Plus Extra Corruption

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Black Lives Matter

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It is great to read that Facebook staff are up in arms against their fuhrer’s antipathy towards Trump’s outrageous declarations. Maybe they could also become active around the devious ways in which the company robs nations of rightful taxes that could be ploughed into improving their education, social welfare and health services.


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The Geek


Again, this went out to subscribers of Reality Check but it is more just a comment on the power behind the throne. Grab and drag and use as you see fit.

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The Right



Although this went out to ‘subscribers’ of Reality Check, it isn’t strictly a Covid cartoon. But as the country slides inexorably to the right and corporate raiders quietly sink their fangs into all that was good, it is important to highlight some of the power elite who need watching as a hard Brexit looms large.

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Reality Check 9

Meantime, some of the government’s friends are doing very nicely out of this tragedy…

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Urban Badgers

I first realised we had badgers roaming our city estate when returning home one autumnal night at about 10:00pm. What I thought was a ludicrously fat cat strolling across the road patently wasn’t when I wiped the rain from my glasses. We found ourselves feeding it or them by accident. That autumn a rather cheeky fox nonchalantly strolled passed us across the patio as we enjoyed an after-dinner cuppa. It looked like it could use a good meal, so we later obliged and were delighted the next morning to find the take-away tub cleaned out. A few days later I happened to be doing a spot of late night reading in the back room when I heard the tub being shuffled around… by a badger.

We believe we have two regular visitors, male and female adults, but admit to being a bit rusty at sexing badgers. In July 2020 a third appeared, a cub, probably about five months old since I’m reliably informed they tend to be born in February. Following advice, we feed them a variety of vegetable and fruit offcuts, leftover rice, potatoes and wet pasta sometimes mixed with dog food or muesli. We don’t leave out water because we have a pond they can easily access. We have hunted around the area to find their sett but without success. Since our estate is surrounded by main roads, 0ur fear is that one day they will become roadkill.

I thought it might be time to mount a campaign for a ‘Beware; Badgers Crossing’ warning sign, but the local city badger group are reluctant to make the world and her predatory husband openly aware of their existence, which I get.

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Reality Checks 4 & 5


Reality Check cartoons will now be appearing on their own page. Same as before, if you want to spread them around, just drag onto your desktop and send off wherever you think they’ll be appreciated.

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