Comics and Cartoons

After more than three decades as a freelancer, Brick ‘knows stuff’ that is invaluable to the new generations of cartoonists and illustrators. He is regularly invited to talk at universities and schools, literary gatherings and special interest groups, seminars and festivals. His talks are well illustrated with samples from his extensive back catalogue, and last between an hour and two, depending on the subject.

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Travel Writing

‘The Joy of Going Wild’ talk, at Llandudno Public Library, North Wales.


With over a hundred published articles and two books to his name, John Stuart Clark has tales to tell, both about his journeys and the art of travel writing. Below are some sample presentations, each beautifully illustrated with his award winning photographs.

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After the Gold Rush
A journey across America following the trail taken during the California Gold Rush of 1849

Edge of the World
St. Kilda, the furthest corner of the UK, a remote island whose population were the original bird people

Wilderness Journeys
How to survive a desert crossing on that most vulnerable of vehicles, a bicycle

Between Hope and History
Exploring Northern Ireland, the clash between its beauty and the beast of the sectarian struggle

Goose Fair
The largest travelling fair in the UK, illustrating its history, recent developments and impact on the local community

Travelling on a Theme
A series of journeys through the UK following pilgrim trails, military campaigns, salt and drover roads

China Comes of Age
Using the famous porcelain ceramics of Jingdezhen and the workers who currently create it to steer a course through China’s history, a look at how the country stands poised in the 21st century to become the sole surviving super power

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