Born Celt of Austro-Scottish blood. Drew first breath in Berne, Switzerland. (’49 was a good year.) Dragged round air force bases in Far East and Europe until deposited in Posh School, Rochester, England. Nine years later deemed red-brick failure. Consigned to military, church or industry.

Made a break for art college. Fine Art but made films. Graduated with Hons. Consigned to lecturing. Made a second break for it. Cabbie, bouncer, roadie, scrapman and dosser until drew first cartoon (sold to ‘Farmer’s Weekly’) while tarmac labourer. Paid more, pay days less.

Invested in electric pencil sharpener ’78 (‘cos Chuck Jones used one). Hang up tarmac rake following year, when Margaret Thatcher ascends throne. The rest is a round of newspapers, books, magazines and all the stuff you’ve just ploughed through. To satisfy childhood desire to become a lumber jack, currently also working as volunteer ranger at Sherwood Forest a day a week.

2015 – became Honorary Associate Professor of English at the UK’s University of Nottingham and was nominated for two of the USA’s Eisner Awards, for Best Comics Anthology and Best Reality-Based Work.

Enough already!



BRICK in Easy Pieces – interview with Left Lion magazine.

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