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Comic Books

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A comedic autobiography of author’s struggle with depression.
WWI anthology of short comics stories nominated for two Eisner Awards.

To End All Wars








Graphic documentary of an unreported incident in the Syrian war in which we bombed the crap out of the wrong people.
East of Aleppo
A graphic investigation into an art fraud that attempted to rewrite history and spans five hundred years and three continents.
The Curious Case of Leonardo's Bicycle








A comedic graphic novella set in the late 1920s in the Viennese world of classical music that muses on the Curse of the Ninth and the historical dirth of women composers.
Albert's Ninth

Adventure Travel Books

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Prose Novel

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Plan of Gotham village

Map of SW shire of Nottingham










Based on the legend of The Wise Men of Gotham, this is an imaginative and hilarious retelling of the non-violent peasant uprising and the men, women and children who made fools of the State.

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