‘DEPRESSO: Or How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Embrace Being Bonkers’ is a comedy about the terrifying experience of madness and one man’s attempt to steer a sane course through the UK’s mental health system.
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Knockabout Comics ISBN 978 0 86166 170 1 2010

268 pages.    Signed.    £8    £2.80 p&p    Order here.

Nominated for MIND Book Award 2011

TLS review. Forbidden Planet review. Page 45 review.

The world is plagued by madness. With leaders bent on insane policies and too many citizens locked in crippling depression, normality seems elusive and questionable. Part travelogue, part indictment of mad medicine, Depresso is Tom Freeman’s hilarious journey through the vagaries of the system to emerged scathed but content with being ‘bonkers’. The story unfolds over several years, in China and the UK, during which anti-depressants reduce Tom to a zombie and alternative therapies drive him to comic re-examinations of his life, his work and relationships.

5.58 minute scan through pages with Pink Floyd

5:34 mins on the background to writing ‘Depresso’


Sample pages from the book…

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