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The Chalke Way
C-2-C Along Europe’s Oldest Green Road (maps)

Two Wheels  (1995)    ISBN 1 897850 36 0
Out of print but occasionally still available from Amazon and other second-hand bookstores. Soon to become an eBook.

Maps for The Chalke Way here.

A coast-to-coast hiker-biker guide tracking England’s oldest ridge route, over 400 miles from Portland Bill to King’s Lynn, passing some of the world’s greatest prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Grimes Graves.

“More than a ride guide, the Chalke Way is written with a passion and understanding rarely found in a book of this type. Destined to become a classic route..” – Wunderlust

Available as articles:
Pedalling with the Prehistorics
– crop circles, lay lines and the ancient history of the Chalke Way.
Ride Back in Time – an introduction to the Chalke Way.






After the Gold Rush
A Bicycle Journey Through American History (maps and reviews)

Five Leaves  (2004)    ISBN 0 907123 40 6
Still available from Amazon as paperback. Now available as eBook.

Maps for After the Gold Rush here.

From Washington, D.C. to Sacramento, CA across the heartlands of the United States following the route taken by the Forty Niners to Californian gold. Undertaken on the 150th anniversary of the first year of the Gold Rush, this is a journey through nineteenth century America as much as a one undertaken at the turn of the 21st century.

Available as articles:
The National Road
– a journey down America’s first and only federal highway from Cumberland, Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri.
The California Trail
– following the line taken by the gold seekers from the Kansas River to Sacramento, CA.
Rider of the Storm
– ten miles of terror caught in a lightning storm crossing Wyoming, USA.

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