Longer On-Line Comic Story – ‘My Long Walk With Slav’

DotURead the story here.

Inspired and coordinated by writer and critic James Walker, this Nottingham based on-line publication is a reaction to local authority spending cuts and their impact on public libraries. The idea is that, if libraries close, the local authors and literary figures featured in the project will disappear from public attention and thus our literary heritage will become impoverished. Something like that…

Featuring the writing talents of scribes like Nicola Valentine, Kevin Jackson and Michael Eaton, and the illustration skills of the likes of Hunt Emerson, Eddie Campbell and Francis Lowe, the project focuses on a dozen or so self-contained short comics stories that have embedded within panels interactive elements and small sequences of animation, for which I’m afraid I take responsibility.

My story was the first to be produced and rolled off the drawing board before the production team had their act totally together. It tells of how crucial the controversial story of The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz was to my developing interest in the great outdoors and how it inspired me to add the string of adventure travel writing to my cartooning bow. Unfortunately for those who followed me, I wanted the interactivity that digital so easily facilitates, enabling readers to shoot off at tangents to parallel pages providing more detailed background information. Fortunately, the production team quite liked my approach, and so My Long Walk With Slav set the mold for all the other stories in the series.

Read the story here.                                     Below is a short film clip about the making of.

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