Macbeth (Act I Scene I)

The brief was simple enough. Either choose one of four short scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet or Twelfth Night and illustrate them in four A5 pages, or choose a scene from whichever of Shakespeare’s plays you so desire, with no limitations on page count. Naturally, I went for the Scottish play, Act 1 Scene 1.

Not having to worry about consistency through the whole play, I transposed the scene to a desert in the Middle East (in the play, the background conflict is, after all, a civil war) and changed the Weird Sisters into army medics. More obviously, I focused on the familiars two of them call upon, and made the bold decision to modernise and edit down William’s script in keeping with the 21st Century. (Mind, I wouldn’t want to read the whole play butchered like this!!)


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