Commissioned Mini Comics

Small A6 or A5 comics are an excellent medium for entertainingly getting across messages, stories and information. They are cheap to produce, easy to pass round, quick to read and fun. Below are four examples on different subjects.

‘Behind Closed Doors’
A wonderful project where I was commissioned to devise a story with a summer school group of pupils, then take it away and draw up a mini-comic, with them acting as my editors. Answerable solely to them, the idea was for the following year’s group to continue the unfolding story as they saw fit. Unfortunately, what year two produced was unacceptable to the school. It contained images suggesting ‘Mum’ had a clandestine affair, something that was probably all to familiar to these pupils, many of them from broken homes, but something the school could live with.

‘Message in a Bottle’
Sample pages from A6 comic warning young people about the dangers of alcohol and binge drinking.
Spot colour
Client: Alcohol Problems Advisory Service

‘Tale of Two Wheelies
Six page A5 public information comic about wheelie-bins – first two of six pages, A5
Client: Erewash Borough Council

‘Own Goal’
A simple A4 folded B&W comic produced in its thousands for children in cooperation with Notts County Football Club and Kick Out Racism. Part of the campaign to stamp out racism on the terraces.

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