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Sample journeys and articles published in outdoor/adventure travel/cycling magazines

UK Travel

Peak Times – the quieter byways of the UK’s Peak District
To the Lighthouse
– the loneliest road in Britain to its remotest corner, Cape Wrath
Another Land Across the Sea
– end-to-end across the backbone of the Isle of Wight
Hollywood, Eire
– Daniel Day-Lewis, Braveheart and the Celtic Tiger on the trail of film locations in Eire
The Sky’s No Limit
– exploring the eerie landscape of Lincolnshire in search of the “Yellowbelly”
The Great Pyramid of Wales
– a figure-of-eight, up and over Ys Wyddfa, Mount Snowdon
The County that Time Forgot
– weaving through Rutland, Britain’s smallest county
The Whisky Trail
– a hike down Scotland’s Spey Way discovering distilleries and the history of “uisage beatha”, highland whisky
Birmingham’s Backwaters
– travelling the canal towpaths of the Industrial Revolution
A Ride on the Wild Side
– Thomas Hardy, stone circles, soldiers and tanks on Salisbury Plain
Sleeping with the Enemy
– coast-to-coast shadowing Hadrian’s Wall
Glastonbury Tales
– a Celtic pilgrimage from Old Sarum (Salisbury) to the Tor at Glastonbury
No Man’s Land
– St Kilda, the most remote island in the North Atlantic, where the population were the original bird people
Between Hope and History
– exploring Northern Ireland, The Troubles, the people and its hidden gems

Overseas Travel

Central Characters – people and places, politics and culture on a tour of Central Europe immediately after the fall of Communism
Nightmare en route pour Paris
– a weekend challenge cycling from London to Paris and back goes hellishly wrong
Saharan Margins – you don’t need to be an explorer to ride the desert trail in Africa
Berlin Diary
– a dash across Europe to Berlin as the Wall is being torn down
Booze, Beds, and Bulls
– the Madonna, fiestas, and other surprises riding off the map in Andalucia
Lost Wilderness – the disappearing wildernesses, what they mean to us and the desire to ring-fence them against those laden with technology
China Cyclist – contrary to popular Western opinion, China is still very much the Kingdom of the Cyclist, but visitors need their wits about them.

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