A series of educational comics produced annually and distributed free to UK schools featuring stories and activities around Children’s Rights. Edited by Brick with contributions from David Belbin, Michael Eaton, Justin Wyatt, John McCrea, Hunt Emerson and Brick.


No. 2 – ‘Kids Have Rights Too’ introduces the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the global bill of rights for all young people. It focuses on child labour, homeless young people in the UK and child soldiers.

No. 3 – ‘All Children Have Rights’ focuses on the situation of asylum seekers and refugees, bullying and resolving conflicts peacefully.


No. 4 – ‘Every Child Has Rights’ looks at children in care and in detention in the UK, and tells a cautionary tale about listening seriously to children.

No. 5 – ‘Cry Me A River’ is a single story woven around four young people caught up in child trafficking, a kidnapping and international conflict over water shortages. The story graphically illustrates the problems of globalisation and their impact on young people.

No. 6 – ‘No Secrets’ contains four stories dealing with sex tourism, abuse within the family, HIV/AIDS in Africa and the reluctance of adults to talk about these important children’s issues.


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