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Nominated for two Eisner Awards 2015 – Best Anthology & Best Reality-Based Work

Published by Soaring Penguin Press in August 2014 to coincide with the centenary of the start of World War One, this remarkable anthology showcases 26 stories by 53 contributors from 13 different nations. The publication is a charitable venture on behalf of Mèdicins Sans Frontierés, and everybody gave their talents and hard graft for free. The remarkable thing is that the collection happened at all. Thanks to the dogged determination and perseverance of co-editors Jonathan Clode and myself, the belief and tenacity of our many contributors, and the vision of Soaring Penguin’s John Anderson, the book not only came in on time, 16 months after its inception, but has turned out to be a weighty tome we can be proud of. Perhaps more importantly, the stories, all based on real events, characters, myths or circumstances, stand as a counter to the insincere candy-floss trotted out by establishment mouthpieces like the BBC at this time.

Below is a short film featuring some of the startling artwork in the book, and below that is the opening story by Brick in which the Good Soldier Svejk interrogates the prime movers in the build up to war at the International Criminal Court of The Hague. If there is no hope of these lords and masters being brought to book for their war crimes, the implied belief is that there is still time to stick recent ‘war criminals’ like ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the dock.

Read an interview with the editors of TEAW conducted by the German cultural magazine, Kritische Ausgabe. Odd questions, but very revealing!

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