‘Caption’ captured

Audience for Knockabout panel - small but perfectly formed for a steaming hot day when we would all rather have been at the beach. Second from left, Darryl Cunningham (Science Tales), front row right, Corinne Pearlman (Myriad Editions), and tucked behind man with projector, Selina & Jay of Girly Comic fame.

Brick’s first experience of a comics convention was pleasantly subdued, seemingly for independent comics creatives by independent comics creatives, and suitably nerdy. Opening panel session with Knockabout crew ranged across broader issues than just ‘underground comics’, including the benefits or otherwise of academia’s growing fascination with comics, importance of comics in libraries, and what Caption might do to include a ‘yoof’ element.

Feckless 'Knockabouters' - Brick, Tony Bennett (publisher), Krent Able & Hunt Emerson.


Two big thrills were meeting Krent Able (Stool Pigeon) and Al Davison (The Spiral Cage & Spiral Dreams).  Two big bummers – the drive down and drive back! Collected a copy of  The Girly Comic Book Two and the ‘tea bag comic’, which mysterious disappeared somewhere between Oxford and Nottingham. Didn’t get to meet many other folk. Too hot to chill, and had to get home for a panting dog…

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