Illuminating the Dark Night of the Soul

BloomsburyP1The audience for this packed event at the Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury had them hanging from the mezzanine, although the demographic was overwhelmingly white, middle-class women, something that, as the token man on the panel, worried me a tad. I’m assured the discussion around why the five of us had chosen the comics form to make public intensely personal and distressing traumas was fascinating and truly instructive.comics-dark-night-new-786x556 Even as a contributor, I learned things I never appreciated about my book Depresso off the back of what the others revealed about their own working practices.

Touchy-feely I can do, but there was a point when our response to audience questions teetered into embarrassing and ugly self-congratulations. My attempt to righten the boat by suggesting that, truth be told, we were doing nothing new with comics sparked a rush of vigorous and maybe contentious discussion, which I’m sure the audience loved. Certainly the conversations after the event suggested we had stimulated a lot of ideas for the folks to take home and mull over.

And isn’t that what these gigs are all about? Both the gallery and ‘Monts’, our link man from Geek Syndicate, were delighted with the proceedings.

For a far more erudite review of the event, try The Geek Syndicate’s own.

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