Nottingham Does Comics at Nottm Uni & Dawn of the Unread hardcopy launch.


An in-between-our-bi-monthly-meetings meeting for anybody interested in the pitfalls and traumas of adapting pros literature into comics literature, and we are up at the University of Nottingham, School of English, playing away for this one. It’s their gig but they have enthusiastically added our flag to their mast as co-sponsors (in spirit, ‘cos we’re broke!).















November 11th 7:30 Antenna, Nottingham Launch of DAWN OF THE UNREAD hardcopy
A great award winning project reaches its climax with the launch of the book of the digital comics extravaganza designed to promote reading and save libraries from the ignoramuses who run this iniquitous land. My story of the inspirational exploits of Slavomir Rawicz, chronicled in The Long Walk, is the opening salvo and sticks out like a sore thumb! It was the first to go into production, and I think I caught the project managers in the starting blocks, before they’d learned how to control pushy cartoonists. It sorta fits the theme of the project, but is more a personal story, close to my heart, so a big thanks to the team for letting it through. Never did understand all that ‘literary figures coming back to life’ stuff. For me, they never died!

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