Oh, What a Horrific War!

Early sketches of some principal characters for the WWI short story, ‘The Iron Dice’

As every village, city and country affected by the so-called Great War gears up to remember the centenary next year, I find myself co-editing an indie compilation of comics stories, writing at least one of them and drawing the ten page opener. (Like I haven’t got enough to do!) In monitoring preparations in my home town of Nottingham, where the Sherwood Foresters are the local regiment and air ace Albert Ball the local hero, I find it amazing to discover so few folk have any idea why the world descended into armed conflict in August 1914. At best, “Some Duke got killed somewhere in Austria, yeh?” At worst, “It was the Germans what wanted to invade us.”

So I’m delighted that my opening short story imaginatively tackles the reasons Europe stumbled into war. It’s taken some doing, but I’ve unpicked the whys and wherefores, presenting them in the simplest possible terms, at the same time drawing parallels with today’s manoeuvrings around the Eurozone crisis. I put the principals in the dock and examine the miscalculations that lead to The Great Blunder of the first world war.

If any budding writer or ‘toonist has an overpowering urge to contribute to this collection of fact-based stories, drop us a line with two ideas (no longer than two paragraphs, please) – your fave rave and a back-up idea.

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