Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

After dinner, the crockery’s removed and the drawing begins…

This is NOT a Photoshop job!

Generally considered another success, this year’s festival (19th – 21st April) was the tenth and broke with tradition by flowing into Sunday, a day the town struggles to attract visitors (if only because public transport adamantly refuses to operate on ye olde day of rest). It stuck with tradition by inviting along a flock of gag, editorial, corporate and strip ‘toonists and illustrators who spent the evenings crying into their wines, beers and gins about the parlous state of the print medium. Strangely confusing the art with the media that carries and occasionally pays for it, the maudlin cry seemed to be ‘Cartooning is dead, long live…’ etc. While the public were blissfully unaware of the hanging black cloud and no doubt hugely entertained by the live cartooning and free caricatures, the contrast with the verve and excitement among practitioners at comix events was startling for a cross-over ‘toonist like myself.

Delivering a two-day workshop on producing mini-comics, I found myself stuck on an island adrift from the mainland of the event working my socks of with a small but perfectly formed group of eager learners. While well supported by festival helpers, not one of the great and the good visited us to encourage the next generation of ‘toonists, which was a shame. Aside from seeing what we were up to, they missed out on visiting the grave of Ebenezer Scrooge!

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