Wit, Wisdom and Wanderings

Belatedly stumbled on some glowing 5-star reviews from across the big pond for my contributions to Jim Joyce’s superb compendium, The Bicycle Book. (Jim is the founder and editor of  The Bicycle Exchange, though he recently put that on hold to become a home-parent.) With a percentage of the profits going to three laudable American charities, Jim’s book contains offerings from 20 excellent writers (including Pulitzer Prize nominees and winners) and a handful of cartoonists. Brick doesn’t get a look in, but JSC is the only writer contributing from the UK.

Among the reviews was a curiosity from the Westerville Bicycle Club in Columbus, Ohio, that reads:-  The book ends with some inspirational tales of wandering on the bike. Ever think about riding round the Sahara Desert? John Stuart Clark and his wife have done it (‘Saharan Margins’). … Or, for the most vivid images I’ve had evoked by words in a long time, check out Clark’s ‘Desert Storm’, concerning a storm the author could not outrace.    Thank you for those kind words, Sharon Heinrich.

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