Back on the Bike

With the WWI anthology, To End All Wars, now stitched and in the hands of publishers Soaring Penguin, it is time to move on or rather return to the story I was locked into before being so thrillingly interrupted. Despite a lifetime working in cartoons and comics, I learned so much about the hybrid art of marrying words and pictures in those 15 months almost exclusively spent editing the work of others, I reread completed chapters of Leonardo’s Bicycle with some trepidation.

It remains an intriguing and unique story, I was delighted to discover, but it is intense and unlike anything I have yet to encounter in comic book form. Certainly there are panels that make me squirm, and will probably be redrawn, and sequences that presume too much about the background knowledge of younger readers. These will need unpicking, simplifying and expanding but, with less than a handful of chapters left to complete the book, it was a relief to find myself excited by the prospect of returning to the task.

Within days I had completed Chapter 10, which focuses on the Leonardo Industry as it pertains to his mythical bicycle, a couple of sample pages of which are displayed.

Also pulled off Vinci’s Museo Leonardiano Vinci site is this recent tourism image – it’s a ghastly Photoshop job, but they just can’t leave that bicycle alone!

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