Bring Back Calculus Cat NOW!!

My pal Hunt Emerson asked me to draw a little parody of his TV terrorist Calculus Cat. I went to my shelves to refresh my memory of exactly what his passive-aggressive anarchist hero got up to only to discover… whoever’s got my treasured and signed copy, I WANT IT BACK! Actually, keep it, because now we all have an opportunity to relaunch the feline guerrilla by helping Hunt and Knockabout Kickerstarter an expanded reprint of this long-deleted title of media mayhem. The extra pages are homages by some of your fave inkies, and there are all kinds of collectable goodies you’ll kick yourself for missing out on. So dig deep for one of the British Underground’s most endearing characters, and keep spewing out dem Skweeky Weets over your own puddy-tat. (God, I hate cats!)

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