Bloomsbury Festival 2015


917LfGLB6LL._SL1500_ Probably-Nothing-560x784 26251358 41PawPGBtIL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_ 2010006411_F1Friday 23rd of this month brings together Katie Green, Maria Stoian, Matilda Tristram, Nicola Streeten and myself, the token male, at the Cartoon Museum, London, to discuss comics and their unique ability in ‘Illuminating the Dark Night of the Soul‘. For the witty title and intriguing subject credit goes to our panel leader and Geek Syndicate cornerstone, David Monteith, better known for his podcast meanderings around mainstream comics and trash culture with fellow GS-er, Barry Nugent. I imagine ‘Monts’ will be trying to tease out exactly why the comics form is so well adapted to the telling of intensely personal stories that dig deep into the human psyche – summint like that. If we’re all on form, it should be fascinating. Trauma counsellors will be on hand from 6:30 onwards.

bloomsbury_festival_websitegslogobanner1ncc-logo-2015-websiteheaderThe panel is part of this year’s Bloomsbury Festival, which ranges across the arts and looks very exciting. It would be nice to tarry in ‘the smoke’ and take in some of the events, but I have to be back. Next day, Saturday 24th, is the third incarnation of the Nottingham Comic Con. I’ve missed the previous two but, this year, promised myself a day dodging the dodgy Cosplayers. I’ll probably just go as emotionally knackered comics creator of intensely personal stories that dig… you get the idea.


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