Eisner Awards

eisner_awards_displayAs expected, To End All Wars failed to win either the Best Fact-Based Work or Best Anthology award at the Eisners, which takes nothing away from our delight and pride at being nominated. In each category, the winner was totally deserving. Although I’ve not read Ed Piskor’s Hip-Hop Family (Best Reality-Based Work), the muted artwork looks wonderfully reminiscent of the comics I was raised on back in the Fifties and it was, after all, a New York Times best-seller (whereas ours was barely read in the States). In the Best Anthology Award, we were runner up to Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, which is a bit like any modern movie you’d care to name being trounced by Citizen Kane at the Oscars – no problem. Windsor McKay was and remains one of the giants in our discipline and a creator whose work I reread at least once every year, generally with my mouth agog.

But thanks to one of Joe Gordon’s pals, who attended the San Diego convention, we at least have this fabulous photo of our humble submission sat in the nominations cabinet. If that doesn’t spur JC, myself and all our other contributors to strive for a winner in forthcoming Eisners, nothing will.

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