Emerson’s Dante

Busy time for Knockabout Comics right now, what with the launch of Krent’s Big Book of Mischief a couple of weeks ago (previous post) and now Hunt Emerson’s Inferno (as in Dante’s Inferno), re-envisaged with the help of Kevin Jackson, Hunt’s collaborator on the marvellous John Ruskin series How to be Rich etc. Kevin is a Virgil of a man whose towering intellect demands listeners engaged in conversation sit and brace themselves for pearls too weighty to catch and gather together standing up. Hunt is the sad, Dante-esque figure on Virgil’s left who learned this lesson too late in their relationship and is thus disfigured by the burden of wisdoms dropped on him over the years they’ve worked together. Not so long ago Mr. Emerson was a giant of a man!

Having seen sample pages of the work in progress, I have every reason to believe Inferno is Hunt’s masterpiece, but I’ve yet to see the finished opus. What’s certain is that, over the decades, he’s been steadily working his way towards taking on ‘the big one’, ticking off Coleridge (The Ancient Mariner, a personal favourite), DH Lawrence, Casanova and Ruskin (who I would never have understood without the comics). Hopefully some American, Italian or German university will buy the original artwork en masse and make Hunt a rich man, or at least rich enough to go get corrective surgery.

Knockabout’s cutting edge website has yet to catch up with the launch of Inferno but try here.

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