Another One Bites the Dust

Having watched with controlled panic as my poor ol’ G4 melted in front of my eyes, along with the Photoshop 4 that did everything I ever asked of a grossly over-priced bit of kit, I have now turned to my beautiful iMac for all my ‘tooning. That means I’m having to invest arm, leg and most of torso in new software that’s even more over-priced and grossly over-engineered for my needs. Undaunted, I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop but timed it really badly, over Christmas and the New Year, when even I wasn’t at the my desk. Durrr.

Have thus been working 15 hour days to get done what I needed to get done before the clock calls time on me (today). So what I really didn’t need to do was set myself the task of drawing St. Peter’s Square for the Vatican section of ‘Leonardo’s Bicycle’. Looks good though, yeh?

On something unrelated, was sad to hear that Keiji Nakazawa, creator of Barefoot Gen died somewhat unnoticed in December. Bought my copy in 1987, long before I knew what the word Manga meant.

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