Nuts ‘n’ Bolts of DOTU

The Dawn of the Unread project is all about promoting libraries and reading, so now that Brick’s contribution is live and kickin’ (see previous blog), it might interest readers to checkout where I chose to set my interiors. While there are excellent new and refurbished local repositories (particularly West Bridgford and Worksop Libraries), I preferred to flog over to Wales to photograph the stunningly beautiful Llandudno Library. Financed by Conwy Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly’s Libraries for Life scheme, the make-over was done in consultation with Opening the Book, a design service whose modus operandi is very much about fitting the library to the needs of the reader-explorer rather than the staff or local authority’s obligations. First visited in the course of presenting a workshop and talk (see earlier blog), Llandudno’s is a library that blows the stereotypical fusty old image of dark corners, dark shelving and dark regiments of catalogued spines out of the water. No doubt a bugger to keep clean, the neutrality of the white and the wonderful innovation of tilted shelving (which can also be seen at Worksop) entice the explorer into the rows and layers of alluring spines much as the glass jars of coloured candy used to in sweet shops (yep, I’m that old). And gone is the rigid Dewey Decimal Classification system, replaced by a reader-centred stacking system that demands more user interaction of the staff and makes the whole experience of visiting the library more like an adventure.

And just for consistency, the final split image of our hero striding into the wilds is actually Nant Ffrancon pass near Snowdon, Nottinghamshire being a tad thin on mountains.

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