Read Brick’s ‘Dawn of the Unread’ contribution

It’s been a bit of a technological hike for the back-room boy, Paul Fillingham of Thinkamigo, who has transposed my work for the app and web, but My Long Walk With Slav has finally gone public. Paul’s done a sterling job (as has colourist Jessica Parry) which has involved him totally rebuilding everything I produced for the embeds and resetting all my comic lettering (presumably because he didn’t like my BrickHand font!). F’sure, it’s lost a lot of the rough edges I strive for in my work, but the Unread people know their audience better than me.

Still not totally clear how this ambitious project works in the broader context of promoting libraries, but you can enjoy the full interactive experience here and below is the vid they produced of Brick talking about the work. For some reason, when referring to the shelves of books and DVDs that infest my working environment, they chose to film the rack with the least number of books, but hey… it strikes a blow on behalf of libraries!


8:54 mins on the background to the scripting of ‘My Long Walk With Slav’.

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