Rock Against Racism Remembered

A fan of my work recently sent me this photo taken when they were moving house. It features a pen and ink picture of John and Bob I drew to promote Nottingham’s version of the Rock Against Racism gigs from way back. Called Rock and Reggae, the weekend binge of bands, performers, sound systems, stalls and participatory crafts ran for ten years, was sponsored by the now defunct Radio Trent and equally defunct city council, and lasted until the three who organised it (myself included) moved on to other things.

After a protracted lull, it was reinvented (without the political edge) by others, finally fizzling out after too many years, as irrelevances generally do. Ironically, the racism in this country today could do with being highlighted in an equally imaginative way, but it is good to know a younger generation appreciates the sentiments of my picture and has it on their wall.

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