TEAW Eisner Award Nominations


Character sketches for the French platoon in Steve Martin's 'Allies of Reason' story for TEAW.

Character sketches for the French platoon in Steve Martin’s ‘Allies of Reason’ story for TEAW.

There is a telling irony that my most successful comics book to date, in terms of sales, is the one book that will not earn me a bent nickel. With all the contributor’s fees going to MSF for their battle against ebola (see earlier posts), all co-editor Jonathan Clode and myself have to show for 18 months hard graft on To End All Wars is a single copy of the finished anthology and a shedload of experience that reminds us to run a thousand miles from any invitation to repeat such an undertaking… unless it comes dangling a banker’s bonus before it. Now a sharp blow to the body has been inflicted by the announcement that our humble compendium has been nominated for not one but two Eisner Awards – Best Anthology and Best Reality-Based Work.

eisnerawards_logo_12Naturally we are delighted for all those amazing contributors who worked their pinkies to the bone on a project they clearly believed in and, we hope, found immense satisfaction in being a part of. We have already expressed our undying gratitude to one and all, and I would love to think we will walk away with one or t’other award on their behalf. If the judges knew the full story of the ethos behind the project and everybody’s struggle to bring TEAW to fruition, I would have no doubts about it, but I ain’t holding my breath. Sadly the world of professional comics does not embrace rank amateurs and relative beginners, which most of us were, but it is nice to know our combined efforts have been noticed.

If you enjoyed our efforts and are in any way connected with comics, you are eligible to vote in the Eisners at  http://www.eisnervote.com/

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