To End All Wars – the book

Nineteen months and avalanches of commitment from contributors on and we are pleased to announce that the book of the anthology of WWI short graphic stories has landed from Latvia, where John Anderson of Soaring Penguin Press had it printed. Weighing in at a considerable 2.5 lbs, with stylish black edging, bookmark and high gloss pages, the first 200 pressed into eager hands will come with a enigmatic bookplate donated by Charlie Adlard that recognises our anthology’s brotherhood with Charlie’s excellent White Death.

Nothing else to say, really, except a humungous big thank you to all our contributors who sweated buckets for no reward (except self satisfaction) and put up with my co-editor, Jonathan Clode, and myself through all manner of disagreements (or not). Please rush out and buy everybody and anybody a copy, thereby adding to the £2,000 already raised for Médicins Sans Frontières even before release. Many many thanks.

‘Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire’ sung by Coope, Boyes & Simpson from their album In Flanders Fields. Permission granted.

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