Mental Health Assistance Dogs

…which is a grand title for the relatively recent realisation that dogs understand us humans better than maybe we do ourselves, can be a great comfort at moments of high anxiety, and could play a critical role in somebody’s mental and emotional recovery journey.

How often have you felt off-colour or downright bombed out and suddenly found your best friend there with his or her head on your lap, eyes plainly saying, ‘It’s alright, boss, we can get through this together’?

For myself, bringing Border Collie, Suzi, into the pack has been a life-saver, not least because I have finally found the perfect walking companion to share the hours I spend on the hoof in internal dialogues.

So when Asylum magazine asked me to produce something comics-style related to mental well-being, I felt it was high time I paid tribute to my closest pal and constant companion.


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