Top of the Toon Pops

It is not often a cartoonist gets to discover which pebble in the avalanche of ‘toons he or she inflicts on the world is the most popular with readers. Indeed, what does that even mean!? The funniest, most cutting, hardest hitting, best drawn… what? And exactly how might that be measured or ascertained, particularly if, as with my work, the ‘toon is randomly flung to the four corners through the auspices of the ngos I tend to work for?

The number-crunchers monitoring the website of Irish development education ngo, 80:20, were recently delighted to inform me that they had identified my Top Toon, or one of them at least. 80:20’s site is now the major source of educational investment by Irish Aid, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s overseas development wing, and attracts a huge amount of traffic from around the globe. Periodically they commission me to produce something suitably scathing about some iniquity in the world and bang the resulting gag up on their site, downloadable at no cost and with no copyright restrictions. ‘Customer Counselling’ must be at least five years old now, and I reproduce it here for no better reason than it is not what I would call one of my better cartoons.

Just shows how wrong creators can be about their work!

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